Markus is a Creative Mind from Helsinki, Finland. He was born in Finland but spent his childhood in Thailand. He's passion for design and tech started at young age when he received his first laptop computer at 1989 from Singapore.


Markus has been working in a design field since 1997 when he started to work as a freelancer graphic designer. With an extremely wide experience from traditional print design to digital and motion design he is excellent choice to co-operate. Feel safe to work with him from concepting phase to the final execution.

Testing your early ideas and prototypes with customers/users helps you to build something that provides meaningful solutions for your users. User Sentric Design is the key for this.

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Marketing Director at GetJenny

"Markus helped our marketing team to create GetJenny website, which we launched in early 2020. Markus' design-thinking and prioritization skills guided us through the complex questions about what content to present and what not to present on our website.  

I especially liked the fact that Markus made our internal team prioritize the personas and users, to which we were creating the online experience. 

After the website renewal, we have been able to 3x the number of our tracked conversions and increase our traffic by 50%."

(GetJenny, 2020)


Experienced Business Executive / Strategist / Innovator / Advisor / Speaker

"It’s rare that you come across with such an outstanding design talent like Markus. Markus was my first hire at Jongla and we’ve been working together for over 10 years. As a Creative Director Markus was responsible for Jongla's brands, product innovation, lean UX, UI and service design. Markus was also responsible for the localization and globalization of the user experience and leading our advertising and design team and part of the executive team.  

Markus is a highly talented, hard working and innovative creative director with outstanding work ethics and excellent teamwork skills. He has been a highly appreciated member of our team and therefore I gladly recommend him for any future position." 

(From LinkedIn, 2018)


Technology-oriented | Songwriter | Music Production | Marketing | Communications

"Markus is a true creative and a strong team builder! I had the pleasure to work closely with Markus on several creative projects at Jongla from brand identities to a complete online marketplace for a SaaS messaging solution. He has the stamina to turn every stone if necessary to find outstanding user interface solutions that deliver the right message and experience to the audience. This guy understands the meaning of brand. Markus will get along with anyone and to me it was always great fun to work together! I would totally recommend Markus for any position that requires vision, graphic skills and great workmanship." 

(From LinkedIn, 2018)



Markus consider himself a trustful personality who enjoys visual experiences. He love spend his free time in outdoor and nature with his family. He is also a fan of sci-fi stuff and strange things - like Star Wars and Valérian & Laureline. 

Markus describe himself also a spiritual personality who loves God and his creations. Markus has had several Position of Trusts and is currently a Chairman of the Board in a Christian association.

Balance is everything in every area of life. Food, rest, and exercise along with inspiration sources are the key for succesful and happy life.

Always try to see the bright side of life

Road tripping and Exploring are in my nature